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    Warsaw, 15 December 2012

    Eco-friendly low sugar james cream - strawberry and raspberry

    strawberry jam

    SVANSØ - Danish brand, distributed in Poland by Scandic Food, introduces to the Polish market unprecedented innovation. This is a unique, eco-friendly jam of the consistency of cream. Deprived of pieces, deliciously velvety and smooth.

    Eco-Jam-cream with strawberry or raspberry SVANSØ has excellent taste of ripe fruit, from which it was created. Light as a feather cream has a silky texture, balanced cohesiveness and - of course - a natural, rich flavor, reminiscent of the idyllic garden of the June harvest.

    strawberry jam

    Apart from the obvious purpose of BIO-cream Jam - for sophisticated desserts, light snacks, sweet and delicate cakes, this product ideally suites as tasty idea for a Valentine's love foreplay. Which play? Erotic body painting! Time to try something seducing, juicy, tasty and tempting, caressing literally all the senses! Inflaming strawberry cream body painting, acting through the power of strawberries as an erotic extra aphrodisiac is a great start of amorous evening, which will allow both partners to feel and taste each other in a completely new, unique and stunningly pleasant way.

    Impressive jar, which the creamy jam is closed, was decorated with lovely hearts, correspondent with the romantic mood of Saint Valentine’s Day.

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    Warsaw, 15 December 2012

    Health throughout the year - thanks to the Polish fruits

    Traditional fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries or strawberries, grown in home gardens or allotments, are one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. But how to bring out their very best when out of the window dominates winter and low temperatures?

    Traditional garden fruits have many valuable ingredients. Among fruit reigns black currant, which includes almost all the essential compounds needed for the effective functioning of the whole body, and above all is a rich source of vitamin C. Even 25 grams of this fruit meets 100% of the daily requirement of an adult for this component. In addition, its performance is enhanced by the presence of the routine in the fruits, which facilitates the absorption of vitamin C. Rich source of this vitamin are also strawberries, which - in addition - contain a lot of iron. It strengthens the body and prevents anemia. Strawberries, due to the presence phitoncides, enhance the treatment of inflammation.

    Polish raspberries, however, not without a reason, are considered a natural medicine in colds and flu. It stimulates the sweat glands, which affects directly the reduction of fever - a steaming sweat decreases the body temperature. Tiny seeds contained in the fruit help peristalsis, so help clean the body of toxins and undigested food residues. For centuries, are also considered to be a very effective means of diastolic, bringing relief from menstrual pain, also due to the presence of antioxidants have anti-cancer properties.

    fig jamA great many medical applications also have figs - a bit harder to find on the market. Figs, beyond cleansing properties and energy inherent in them, are also the best source of calcium among all plant products, contain a lot of potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. You can prepare the fig fruit juice strengthening the heart and coronary arteries.

    It would be ideally to enjoy access to valuable, fresh fruit all year round. Unfortunately in winter it is not possible. Does this mean, that we must wait with patience for warm days and in autumn - winter period we have to substitute the flavorful raspberries, currants and strawberries with vitamin C supplements in tablets?

    fig jamDuring the winter, the natural taste of both traditional Polish fruit as well as those ripening in warmer climates, we can enjoy thanks to preserves and jams - says Margaret Przeździecka - Brand Representative of Streamline and Owocowa Rozkosz in Poland. Besides their flavor, fruit preserves are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, so it is worth to enrich our daily menu with such products. Lovers of figs, which typically are not readily available, can enrich the winter menu with fig jam - aromatic, with no preservatives, which can be found at the grocery store. Certainly a baguette with that delicacy in the morning will give us energy throughout the day, as well as a tea with blackcurrant jam will warm and strengthen the chilled body.

    In anticipation of the summer harvest, there is a way to quickly and easily bring up the flavors of solar months, and further strengthen the body even when it's most needed - in the period of increased susceptibility to all infections. It is important, however, to choose products with the highest content of fruit per 100 g of product.

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    Warsaw, 14 November 2012

    OWOCOWA ROZKOSZ recommends: recipe for spicy orange muffins with jam.

    Winter season and, in particular, the associated Christmas period , is inextricably associated with citrus fruits: lemons, mandarins and oranges, of course. The intense aroma, combined with spicy notes, such as carnations, makes the kitchen a little bit of magic even in the middle of winter. For all lovers of aromatic citrus flavors we present winter muffin recipe, that for sure will be loved by the family members and guests, as well as fits perfectly in festive and carnival menu!


    OWOCOWA ROZKOSZ Orange Muffins

    Ingredients for about 24 pieces:

    • • 520 g of wheat flour
    • • 4 eggs
    • • 220 ml of milk
    • • 150 g butter
    • • a few drops of almond or arrack flavoring
    • • 3 - 4 tsp of gingerbread spice
    • • 180 grams of sugar
    • • 2 tbsp of baking powder
    • • 16 tablespoons of OWOCOWA ROZKOSZ orange jam
    • • Candied orange peel

    Melt the butter. In a large bowl mix the wet ingredients - eggs, milk, prepared liquid butter, gingerbread spice and flavor. Then add the sifted dry ingredients and mix again until combine.

    Prepare muffin mold and muffin cups. Place the mixture in muffin cups to about half of its height. In the central point of each muffin do a big blob of jam and lightly cover with a thin layer surrounding the cake. Sprinkle with orange peel.

    Bake muffins in the oven at 180 - 190 degrees for about 25 minutes. After removing from the oven cool the muffins.

    Muffins can be served plain, decorated with icing and sprinkle with icing sugar to taste.

    Enjoy your meal!


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    Warsaw, 16 October 2012

    Italian inspired recipes - Bruschetta.

    Fashion for Mediterranean cuisine is spread not only over Europe, but also the whole world. Also came to Poland enriching tables with extremely healthy, delicious and flavorful dishes, that despite the fact that they are easy to digest, can fully satisfy.

    The real pizza Margherita, caprese salad, ravioli, lasagna ... the list can be very log and each new dish turns out to be tastier than the last one. One of the simplest, yet most delicious Italian specialties is bruschetta, the base of buttered toast with olive oil and crushed garlic. There are many varieties of bruschetta, most often it is served with chopped tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. But before bruschetta has become a popular delicacy, recognizable throughout the world, it was just a rural dish, invented by the poor residents of Italian region called Abruzzo. Its name comes from the word, bruscato ", which means “toasted". Bruschetta, if you cook it with top quality ingredients will always taste wonderful. The more, that the preparation is simple. Especially, if in the absence of fresh tomatoes at hand we have vegetable paste Bruschetta Svansø.

    To prepare you will need:

    • - 8 slices of ciabatta bread,
    • - Olive oil,
    • - Half a jar of sun-dried Tomato Strips Svansø,
    • - 150 g of fresh mozzarella,
    • - 1 jar of paste Bruschetta Svansø,
    • - 8 slices of Parma ham,
    • - Bunch of fresh basil,
    • - 100 g pitted black olives.

    Step by step, that is - HOW TO PREPARE a delicious Bruschetta:

    Soak ciabatta slices with olive oil and roast them on a hot pan until they become crispy. Drain sun-dried tomatoes. Cut the mozzarella into eight equal slices. Spread evenly on the cooling slices of bruschetta the Svansø paste and then lay down the ingredients: Parma ham, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. At the end put the chopped basil leaves and decorate with sliced ​olives . Done!

    Bruschetta is the perfect appetizer, snack, will be perfect as a warm dinner, and even nutritious breakfast. Provides vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates , so a lot of energy.

    Enjoy your meal!

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    Warsaw, 18 September 2012

    Invite cranbierries into your kitchen.

    At fairs and bazaars we can meet some fruit. It has a color similar to cranberries, but its size is a bit smaller, and the taste - sour. These mysterious red balls are red berry, otherwise known as cranberry.

    Eaten raw, may disappoint because of its tart flavor, but it is indispensable in making of all kinds of products. Cowberry, also sometimes called barberry, grows in coniferous forests, on mountain meadows and moors. During flowering , having a little luck, you can see the massive clusters, often covering many square kilometers. For years, it is valued for its health-promoting properties that have been used in the former Poland. Then infusions of cranbierries branches ease in rheumatic pains and infusions of the fruits help in symptoms of nephrolithiasis. Cooked cranberries were served to people having no apetite in order to enhance it and to those having to big apetite- to relieve the effects

    of overeating. Modern science, after the discovery flavonoids and tannins in that plant, uses it to treat diseases of the digestive system: intestinal catarrh and diarrhea, as well as problems related to the urinary system: cranberry has disinfectant and diuretic properties.

    In addition to its medicinal properties, cranberry is a valued ingredient in many dishes. It is most often used for making preserves, which can then be used both for breakfast butter cakes and for dinner. Cowberry perfectly goes with game and birds, as well as beef. Not everyone knows, that the cranberry jelly is an essential component of the famous English Cumbarland sauce , that residents of Island island eat with pleasure with game. To prepare it, you need to be mix it with horseradish jelly, orange peel, pear and ginger spice and mustard. Its original flavor certainly will be admired to true connoisseurs. Cranberries can be also soured. For this purpose, to large glass jar with cranberries pour the right amount of salt and sugar, cloves and ginger spice. You can add some apple quarters. Keep the jar in a cool, shady place, and its contents after pickling will be an invaluable addition to the meats, cheeses and pates – will add depth and character.

    Women culinary awareness is really big, and with unlimited imagination. Modern ladies are eager to experiment and make new culinary challenges. They use more and more often cranberries as an addition to meats, cheeses and pates – says Małgorzata Przeździecka, a Representative of the brand Owocowa Rozkosz and Marketing Manager of Scandic Food. To accomplish these traditional or new and more imaginative recipes, combining for example meat with unusual fruit additives, it is worth to try a specially prepared for such purposes, cranberries in a jar. We have just introduced this product to offer of Owocowa Rozkosz brand. It is equally valuable and tasty as hand-made, home made preserves and most importantly – it is easily accessible.

    That's right - it's sometimes worth to leave the stereotype of pork chops and serve our guests or family truly exquisite and - most importantly - divinely delicious dish, which can be prepared, against the appearances, easily and cheaply.

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    Warsaw, 06 August 2012

    What do you know about artichokes?

    Artichoke is a vegetable that was known in the days of the ancient Roman Empire, then largely due to its diuretic properties. Recently, it becomes more and more popular in Poland.

    Today we can find artichokes plantations in almost all the countries of western and southern Europe, where they are appreciated not only because of the health-promoting properties, but also because of dry, distinctive flavor. Artichokes in nature can reach up to 1.5 meters, but the most desirable are the smallest specimens, named “ the heart " that is a delicate flower base, which is collected before bloom. It is characterized by a slightly bitter flavor, invaluable especially in Mediterranean . Italians prepare artichokes in many different ways. Among the most popular is the stuffing of the cooked vegetables and serving them with herb sauce, accompanied by anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Etiquette dictates eating artichokes with fingers, left hand is holding a vegetable, right is tearing the leaves and dipping them in the sauce. Widespread is also pouring artichokes flakes with oil and store it in cold place.

    In addition to the original, distinctive taste, artichokes are characterized by a quite unprecedented health-related properties. First of all, they are are recommended for those, staying on a diet, because 100 g plant contains only 10 calories. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamins and nutritional elements. These include malic acids, citric and lactic acid, flavonoids, slymarin, tannins, sterols, vitamin A and vitamin B. The content of these components, artichokes lower cholesterol and fatty acids. Additionally are detoxicating , help in diseases of the liver and gall bladder, relieve digestive problems.

    In Poland, although it is not always easy to buy fresh artichokes, fortunately, you can get those veggies in a different form, such as closed in jar. There are pickled artichokes in oil, spices, and even pickled grilled artichokes. Chopped artichoke hearts are gathered just before flowering and their characteristic taste is more deep thanks to further grilling. Gourmet lovers will appreciate the taste of the Mediterranean Italian cuisine for which the taste is just as important as the health benefits. Artichokes are used for the prevention of heart disease and atherosclerosis,

    contributing to lower cholesterol levels - encourages Margaret Przeździecka, Marketing Manager of the company Scandic Food.

    The next time you prepare dinner, but it is worth a day away from the traditional green bean salads or for artichoke - the original, tasty and very healthy. Today, for an appetizer, but we offer a gourmet sandwich:

    RECIPE FOR Sandwich for gourmet:

    To prepare four servings you must just have eight slices of bread, preferably Italian, the same number of slices of aromatic serrano ham, crisp lettuce leaves f.ex. frillice, eight slices of fresh mozzarella, olive oil, grilled artichokes SVANSØ and sun-dried tomato strips SVANSØ. Preparation is easy. It should begin from roasting the slices of bread on olive oil and ham. Once they will be crunchy, place lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella on each sandwich, slice in half and serve! It tastes great with a fresh salad and a glass of mineral water with lime. This nutritious and tasty dish can be both a snack and a whole dinner.

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    Warsaw, 13 July 2012

    A little bit of Italy every day, a little magic with sun-dried tomatoes.

    Sun-dried tomatoes is a product characteristic for Mediterranean cuisine, but the growing interest in cuisine of foreign nations in Poland made this delicacy permanently appeared on our tables as a product of a very tasty and healthy.

    Dried tomatoes can be used almost for everything. They are especially good for salads, casseroles or meats. Below there is a recipe that can an inspiration to create delicious, exquisite, simple dishes that are sure to conquer the hearts of both family and visitors.

    Coated chicken with corn flakes with couscous and salad (4 servings)



    • - Cup of Greek yogurt
    • - 3 tablespoons soy sauce,
    • - Finely chopped half onion,
    • - Teaspoon of dried sweet peppers,
    • - Two cloves of crushed garlic,
    • - A pound of chicken fillets,
    • - 150 g of crushed cornflakes,
    • - 10 ml of sesame oil
    • - 400 g couscous,
    • - cup of SVANSØ sun-dried tomatoes,
    • - Juice of one lemon,
    • - 100g large raisins,
    • - Parsley,
    • - Salt and pepper to taste.


    DIP: 2/3 of yogurt should be mixed with soy sauce, pepper and garlic.

    Coated chicken: The remaining 1/3 of yogurt use for coating the chicken. Coat chicken pieces in yogurt, then in cornflakes. Prepared in that way chicken pieces bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

    SALAD: To prepare the salad, pour the sufficient quantity of couscous to 5 cups of boiling, salted water, stir and let stand covered for 5 minutes. After that time, mix the drained tomatoes with couscous, sesame oil, lemon juice, raisins and chopped parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with slices of coated chicken and yoghurt dip.

    Strips of dried tomatoes in oil SVANSØ are suitable not only for Italian cuisine. Mature in taste, aromatic and of the highest quality are ideal as an additive to chicken or spinach. They are particularly useful, because it has been cut into strips - just drain them and put to a sandwich or use as an essential component of the light, but nutritious meals.

    Enjoy your meal!

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    Warsaw, 06 June 2012

    A healthy lifestyle – food fruit pyramid.

    Fruits: tasty and healthy snack, a component of the summer tarts and cakes or light desserts. Traditional Polish cuisine delights us with the richness of the recipes, which include most of seasonal gifts from orchards and forests - and that is wonderful, because the fruits are a very important level in food pyramid.

    The diet pyramid, shortly, is an illustration of specified food groups, which are essential or less necessary to our health. It was changed in 2010. The base of the pyramid is whole grain, coarsely ground flour products (bread, pasta), cereals, unsaturated fats and ... physical movement. Even walking 30 minutes a day is enough to provide the body with the right amount of oxygen and maintain the recommended condition. The second level of the pyramid occupy vegetables (especially leguminous plants) and fruits. In small quantities, but daily, we should consume the proteins, which are for example in dairy products and meat. But we should avoid red meat, sweets, saturated fat and wheat products - these products should be limited in our daily diet.

    Following the recommendations of proper nutrition, we should reach for fruits 2 times a day in amounts of about two handfuls - regardless of the season. In the case of seasonal fruit, Poles are increasingly experimenting with unusual taste connections. Traditional strawberry for example, can be used as an ingredient in salads, composed of arugula and smoked salmon. Interesting is also the recipe for chilled strawberries with a little balsamic vinegar and sugar. It's quite unusual recipes, but combination of brie cheese and grapes, or pineapple and ham of pizza for example is no longer anyone's surprise. Trying new tastes we should remember the aromas of traditional Polish ingredients that are present in the kitchen ever since. Few people do not like for example duck stuffed with apples or the original Polish herring in sour cream served with pieces of apples Ligol or Champion. Fruit with meat give them a unique flavor, also make the dish become more refined. I recommend especially cranberry and blueberry, suggests Margaret Przeździecka - Marketing Manager of the company Scandic Food [www.scandic-food.pl]. These fruits give the game a unique flavor. The original flavor of cranberries can be broken with a distinctive aroma of juniper. Do not forget also that the cranberry and blueberry perfectly go with cheeses, pates, and - of course - sweet dishes. If you do not have something, that could be real or proverbial cherry on the cake or dessert , we can help, for example with pieces of fruit in its own juice. This allows us to deliver the recommended serving of fruit at any time of the year – summarizes Margaret Przeździecka.

    Experiments in the kitchen are endless - it all depends only on your imagination and taste preferences. Definitely it is worth to risk and think about the menu for the next day in order to try something new - after all, many flavors are just waiting to be discovered. Preparing meals we should also remember, however, what products are best suited for our bodies and what we should avoid - according to the food pyramid .

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    Warsaw, 22 May 2012

    Be fit for spring!

    Spring is a magical time when everything comes to life after the winter shutdown and our bodies too. However, nothing will be the same, you have to help your body get back to the shape. How to do it? Here are some proven ways.

    First - and most important - you have to stimulate the body and excercises are best suited for this purpose. It is not necessary to immediately force yourself with heavy activity. Just when driving to work by tram or bus, get off two stops earlier. A few minutes of walk will in the morning oxygenate the brain and wake up before eight-hour mental effort. What's more, the morning walk stimulates the activity of hormones, including serotonin, which is responsible for the well-being. So instead of a candy bar, you should move a little. Regular physical activity also helps to maintain proper metabolism.

    After winter, the skin is deprived of firmness and skin ashen. Specialists - cosmetologists recommend the latest method helpful in restoring circulation to all parties of the body. It is an Indian massage abhayanga, consisting of massaging the embarrassing parties of the body with dry brush. It stimulates the lymphatic system, helps in removing toxins and excess water, and reduce the visibility of orange peel. Massage should start from the feet, then sliding movements should be done to cover the calves, thighs and buttocks.

    During the renewal before summer we can not forget about proper diet. However, experts recommend caution when purchasing spring vegetables. Not all early vegetables are healthy, they often have added pesticides supporting their growth and color. If possible, you might plant your own vegetables in a home garden or even grow sprouts, which are the real vitamin bomb. By providing the body with essential minerals you can be sure, that your skin will benefit, become healthy, nails will be strong, and hair will become stronger and shine.

    Spring recovery, however, can not be a nuisance. The main thing is to have physical pleasure and the diet was not too restrictive. In the case of overwhelming desire to eat sweets should instead of reaching for a bar of chocolate you can reach for a natural sweetness and prepare delicious pancakes with natural fillings. A compromise between the need to eat something sweet, and to the requirements of feeding will be jam without added sugar, such as 100% fruit jams Streamline brand. Marketing Manager of Scandic Food in Poland, Malgorzata Przeździecka, points out that: Streamline product line is 100% fruit - the only jams on the Polish market, which have 100 g to 117 g of fruit. Due to the fact, that the product is sweetened with grape juice - it can not be , according to the Polish regulation, called a jam. These jams are made without sugar, with a little sweetener - therefore can be successfully incorporated into the daily diet for diabetics or simply for all who care about the line. Available flavors: strawberry, raspberry, orange and apricot.

    Undoubtedly, it is a fruit, to which each of us longs in the springtime the most. After the winter our bodies suffer from a shortage of vitamins and jam is the health and vitamins locked in a jar - and it's for everyone. Even if, due to a diet, you resign from bread and flour, a few spoonfuls of jam on natural vanilla cheese, cottage cheese (and even the jam) will affect only positively our mood. If a balanced diet is also accompanied by moderate exercise and regular treatments, no breakthrough is able to take us away the joy accompanying the spring, May awakening in which we participate.

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    Warsaw, 16 April 2012

    Garlic in the kitchen

    Garlic is one of the most popular spices in Polish cuisine. Natural, roasted, dried, pickled. Without the intense flavor many dishes would lose its character.

    Garlic his adventure with kitchen began several thousand years ago, we still appreciate its health-giving properties and the magical power of reinforcement the taste of dishes and intense aroma. Is the national spice in Asia, an integral component of Indian cuisine. In Europe, it has been valued for its positive effect on the body - improving immunity, cleansing the body. In the kitchen a few cloves of fresh garlic can do miracles. More and more often we can use it in different ways, for example, garlic olive oil, a few drops it on a plate of spaghetti or Italian salad bouquet completes the meal. We can find also a pickled garlic - in different variations of taste, always at hand, perfect for the grill.

    Poles love to spend time outdoors, we also like products that are quick and easy to prepare a tasty grilled dinner - including also the pickled garlic - says Margaret Przeździecka (Marketing Manager, Scandic Food in Poland). Garlic

    and herbs, as a product of a mild but full of flavor can be served even as a snack, when we tempted by the June sun finally begin the long-awaited barbecue season. Spicy chili garlic can be inserted into the meat such as pork, which thus obtains a unique flavor. Garlic with olives and sun-dried tomatoes will perfectly suit to the typical Mediterranean salad or Italian bruschetta. Outdoors we can have just a piece of feta cheese, a jar of Streamline and delightful snack is ready – adds Margaret Przeździecka.

    Pickled garlic is a vibrant addition to the food, especially popular in Italy and Greece - but not only there, of course. Variety of spice flavors blend well with the proposals of "cold" dishes - with all kinds of salads, cheese plates. Pickled garlic is not as intense in flavor as the raw - so do not worry, you can include it to the party menu. Oil neutralizes its intense aroma, dissolves its most important components for health and beauty digestible.

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    Warsaw, 21 March 2012

    Easter experiments with cranberries in the background.

    Cranberry is looking for a permanent place in Polish cuisine. The times when it was called "lemon for the poor" are over - now it is synonymous with culinary refinement and elegance.

    Over the past few years our approach to the cranberry has changed - previously treated not very seriously, now gained the importance. This phenomenon is by all means positive, not only because of the unusual features of giving the dishes a depth of flavor, but also because of the healthy natural properties that this plant has. For centuries, cranberries used in cases of colds, strep throat, rheumatic diseases, urinary tract infections, the problems with the stomach, intestines and pancreas. You should know, that these inconspicuous cranberries contain quite a lot of vitamin C, B vitamins (B1, B2) and minerals - calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. It has also been scientifically proven, that they are one of the most abundant sources of polyphenols (antioxidants). All of this this make the Polish cuisine focused on cranberries. Easter is coming, that is an excellent opportunity to prepare a special dinner, festive and different than usual - with cranberries, of course. There are a plenty of possibilities. Cranberry perfectly goes with the dark meat, especially venison. Sweet-and-sour cranberry sauce is the indispensable, especially when the link between the sauce and the meat is spicy aromas. A duck also loves the company of cranberries, as a balance to the sweet taste of apples. A great idea for a popular chicken roulade is stuffing it with cranberries are - their preparation does not take much time and they look perfectly. You can find a lot of good recipes in the internet.

    Cranberries actually are coming back into favor of Polish consumers - says Margaret Przeździecka, Marketing Manager, Scandic Food in Poland. We see this clearly by following the Customers’ interest in our Cranberry of the brand Owocowa Rozkosz. Today, anyone can explore its possibilities in the comfort of home cooking, thus introducing an original menu and exquisite additives. Cranberry looks great and tastes even better. It works not only as an addition to sweet dishes, desserts and cakes, but increasingly also enhances the taste of all kinds of meats, as well as cheeses and pates, making them a sophisticated dish or snack - for any occasion. You will definitely want to take it and have pleasure from experimenting with flavors.

    Cranberries are a very versatile fruit, and the only limitation of the use it in the kitchen cooking is our imagination. We wish it to everybody as Christmas is coming.

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    Warsaw, 15 February 2012

    Jams, preserves, plum jam, marmalade - what's the difference?

    The selection of products on the market of fruit processing is huge and it is developing very dynamically. Home preserves making tradition before winter is slowly fading and full store-rooms are hardly to find - even in rural areas.

    Processed fruit include, among others: jams, preserves, plum jam, marmalade and roasted fruits (mainly apples). Sometimes, due to the difficulty in clear categorization and slightly different purpose (because of the consistency and purpose), also additives segment for meats, pates and cheeses (such as cranberries and blueberries) are included. The specified segments differ mainly because of fruit content, consistency and the method of production. Not everyone knows, that the manufacturers of processed fruit do not have total freedom in the choice of ingredients and the

    proportions used – a minimum fruit content in the finished product (the amount of fruit used to prepare 100 g of the product) is defined in the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

    Market overview of fruit processing we will start from marmelade, which most Poles are using on "fat Thursday." Depending on the content of fruit we are distinguishing the following products: hard marmalade (done from a minimum of 110 g of fruit per 100 g product) and soft marmalade (done from a minimum of 80 g of fruit per 100 g product). The exception is citrus marmalade, for which the minimum fruit quantity is 20g per 100 grams of fruit product. Marmelades due to its consistency are very suitable for baking.

    Jams are recognized by the texture of gelled mass in which fruit are suspended : crushed or particles. Jam is made from fruit pulp or puree, with one or more species of fruit. For most jams, pulp or puree quantity required to produce 100 g of the final product is not less than 35 g and the extra jam is produced in min. ratio of fruit 45g/100g. Other requirements are specified in legislation for jams with red and black currant, rowan, sea buckthorn, rosehip and quince (for jam: min. 25g/100g, the extra jam: min. 35g/100g).

    There's no deny, that Poles often choose jams (especially low sugar) - says Margaret Przeździecka (Marketing Manager, Scandic Food in Poland). The leader is the strawberry jam, the most popular fruit among our countrymen. However, consumers are increasingly turning to new, more exotic flavors or flavor with new spices (for example with ginger and cinnamon). For example - our orange jams - are very popular. At the same time consumers are becoming more aware. Increasingly, we draw attention to the content of fruit, sugar and preservatives used in products. Our customers appreciate a lot our brand Owocowa Rozkosz, mostly because of the assurance of high quality, carefully selected fruits and total lack of preservatives or coloring agents. We are in the period of the greatest interest of fruit preserves – says the Marketing Manager of Scandic Food in Poland. This is due to the fact, that jams are seasonal, we reach for them usually in the winter months, more and more longing for the sun and also because we buy them when we are just run out of stock of homemade preserves.

    Confitures are the finest preserves, respectively dense, but not gelled (the minimum amount of fruit required to produce 100 g of it is 50g/100 g and 60g/100g extra for jam). Normally we associate them with mothers and grandmothers and during the cold taken from the home pantry are entertaining our evenings together with a mug of hot tea.

    A peculiar kind of plum jam or other, a great addition to meat, cheese and baked goods - both those based on pastry, fluffy sponge cake or gingerbread. In Polish cuisine plum jam is also often used as a supplement to traditional aromatic stew. The plum jam has a deep, rich flavor, acidity which combines with the sweetness of ripe, juicy fruit. Perfect jam should be thick, but soft enough to easily spread it on a slice of crusty bread. Plum Jam must be made with a minimum of 160 g of fruit per 100 g of finished product.

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    Warsaw, 27 January 2012

    What is hidden in jam?

    Closed in the neat jar with colorful labels is a tempting promise of taste like grandma's pantry. However, how from a wide range of products, often hardly differing from one another, choose the best and most valuable?

    Jam. Who does not like it. Perfect for breakfast with a cup of hot cocoa and a delicate buttery muffin. Excellent addition to the crispy toast and cereal with milk, or indispensable companion to pancakes in the beloved by children version - sweet. With a slice of white cheese creates a memorable duet straight from childhood. Strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant - though there are more and more possibilities, as an example of Portuguese who admire ... carrot jam. Poles like jams, especially during the winter and early spring, when stimulated and active by nature awakening , are longing for the taste of strawberries or cherries – they reach for a jar of your favorite jam more often and willingly. But the choice is not easy. Jams differ not only in taste, but also the price. This in turn is determined by the quality.

    Cheapest jams can be made from fruit purees or from the pulp (it is permitted to use in the production of fruit pulp which was preserved with sulfur dioxide), lot of sugar, water, pectin and additions to convince the consumer’s senses, that this gelatinous mass looks, smells and tastes like the best homemade jam - says Margaret Przeździecka (Marketing Manager, Scandic Food in Poland). Of course, manufacturers of processed fruit do not have total freedom in the choice of ingredients and proportions used - the content of fruit in jam is regulated by law, which states that basically jam must contain not less than 35 g of fruit per 100 grams of product. For comparison, the other extreme is the extra jam, where the fruit content 60g/100 g is completely beyond all classifications – that is our product 100% Streamline brand, which has no equivalent among the products on the Polish market. It contains 117 g of fruit per 100 g of the product - it is not difficult to note, that the difference is enormous. Products with such a high content of fruit, without added sugar (sweetened with grape juice), dyes and artificial fragrances are not only tasty, but also a much healthier – says Marketing Manager of Scandic Food in Poland.

    The quality and price of jam depend on the gained fruit - the weakest production factories can not afford fresh or frozen fruit. The best way to store fruit is freezing, as it retain the nutrients and vitamins, but it is not a cheap way. The cheapest jams are done form purees ( to which goes the worst kind of fruit) or from the pulp (from the fruit, which can be treated with sulfur dioxide, and which residues can sensitize).

    The price difference is also due to the method of jam fixation - the best (and most expensive) is the traditional pasteurization by heat treatment, during which the temperature preserves the sealed jars . Another way is to use preservatives - if jam is sold in a plastic cup, we can be sure, that this method is used.

    As usual in the case of food, the price and quality are linked together. We should remember about it when shopping and know, that the secret is in the details, which we can see carefully studying the label - there we may find the information what is really in the jam.